We are at the intersection of technology and advertising. We work with clients to use our network, experience and technology platform partners to solve problems. Our passion is creating lasting engagement between clients and customers. Our size keeps us focused, and our offerings make our campaigns successful. We have access to an extensive array of resources from which we put together an optimal toolkit for every client and campaign.

Media Needle launched in 2009 as a pure play social media marketing agency. Our team and solutions have evolved along with the technology, merging science with the art of marketing for quantifiable results and accountability.

We’re based in Los Angeles, California

Past & Present Clients

Amoeba Music Masters of Sex Shameless Paul McCartney
Aimee Mann Norman Red Hot Chili Peppers Jamie Kennedy
Dave Grohl Youth in Revolt Tooth & Nail Records Napoleon Dynamite
We Are Sarah Jones Kobe Bryant Atlantic Records John Waters
Guitar Hero Demetri Martin Morrissey Patton Oswalt
Adidas Silicon Image/MHL Bertolli Enuit
Showtime Hyundai Inner Workings Magisto
Otter Pops Spin Master MadaLuxe/Tronc Venetian Hotel
The Improv P&O Nedlloyd Perrier Ziff Davis
B | W | R Carat Interactive Ignited OMD
Group O Direct LaunchPad Agency Leroy & Rose Initiative
Resolution Media MRM Worldwide Garage Team Mazda Community Partners

Michael Dorman

  • Business development & online sales
  • Partnerships & strategic alliances
  • Digital & social media marketing
  • Branding & advertising
  • Advisor & operator
  • Strategy & planning
  • Business plans & financial modeling
  • Entrepreneurship & start ups

Michael Dorman is a seasoned entrepreneur and general management executive with heavy experience in digital marketing, entertainment and brand advocacy. 20 years of global experience (B2B and B2C), developing long- and short-term integrated digital and social media campaigns for companies of all sizes. Savvy understanding of technology solutions and global business operations with ability to create effective strategies, develop and manage business resources and offer counsel regarding prospects for domestic and international growth. 

Sarah Levin

Sarah Levin

Sarah Levin is a social media marketer with a PR and writing background. Sarah has been glued to a computer screen since an early age and blends her passion for writing and meeting new people into a creative and active way to connect people online. Sarah has been able to bring a human voice and community connection to a multitude of brands, non profits, companies, and organizations, as well as individual personalities in the entertainment industry.

Jheri Cavitt

Jheri Cavitt

Jheri Cavitt is an innovative visual designer with a background in Architecture and has a keen eye for detail. Growing up in a home with both a techie and designer, she fluidly morphed into the perfect blend of a function and design artist. Jheri got her start as a graphic designer for UCLA and hasn’t looked back since working with a plethora of companies including non-profits, the beauty, fashion, and entertainment world as well as the medical industry.

Laura Cohen

Laura Cohen

As a marketing strategist, Laura specializes in online, social media and mobile. She can research, write and edit across a variety of areas, on any subject, in any length, for any audience from kindergartners to C-level executives. She oversees client websites and social media identities, developing strategy and content.

Prior to entering consulting, Laura developed interactive programs as a Senior Vice President of Philips Media. She was previously Director of Marketing for RCA Video Productions (BMG) and Video Editor of Billboard covering home video and MTV. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from New York University.

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