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While not digital, these assets grab attention

While not digital, these assets grab attention

One of the most interesting things we see happen time and time again – most recently with a film promotion – is the lack of basic digital assets. What are these? We’re talking a logo, a few banners, images, video, widgets, editorial content and whatever else you can provide your team and the public-at-large with to make their engagement with your brand or project more visually stimulating and relevant.

The more you have, the more they get used…and shared…and re-used on other sites whereby expanding your reach and awareness well beyond the narrow focus of your website and/or social media profiles. By the way, bloggers love to have assets to punctuate their posts. Most of the time, these items are quick and easy to develop. They can be created on an ongoing basis as other items are being prepared such as offline marketing materials, packaging or other online media. One quick side note while we are talking about creating – when you start designing, think about your social media profiles which, let’s face it, are de rigueur. Start building and skinning your Facebook or Twitter profiles while building everything else.

Oh and finally, if you want people to run with your brand (and remember, this is what happens with all successful brands anyway) you might as well make these assets easy to share. We love how Groupon kills two birds with one stone via their “e-schwag” widget-meets-banner.

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