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 In Uncategorized despite seemingly anemic activity levels, has come into its own hard and fast with indie films using them as voting platforms. Integrating new systems further such as widgets and outside domains is a delightful new flavor as well. Eventful as a voting platform has also been implemented for a notorious case study (and success story) for Paranormal Activity. We’re seeing it used now for the film Youth in Revolt. That deal is to get your already-registered-to-eventful classmates to vote and Michael Cera may very well be at the screening event that your school will host! Since Eventful already is a known spot to scour for hip local events. Light bulbs go off when you see a promotion like this! That said, jumping through this hoop isn’t too much to ask either; even for non-members who may need to register.

Check it out here: and by all means explore their contest category in general. You can get all democratic and such for Adam Lambert or KISS as well.

Random musing: Paranormal Activity’s highest voting city is LA. Why are we not surprised? Amityville, hovering at around 10,000 citizens stands no chance. Either there is no justice or are we just dating ourselves? * Optional winky emoticon here *


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