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Moms Who Blog…And Make Us Laugh

Last Friday, December 4th, The Tree House Social Club hosted a night celebrating Beth Feldman’s “See Mom Run” book tour. What made the night special was live readings from her host of contributors; all innovators in the world of blogging. Out of deference for their talents, I will refrain from the catch phrase “mommy blogger”. In the course of the evening and after a few conversations it became clear that these dynamic women had no agenda to be part of this pigeon-holed part of the current internet landscape. Now despite this, the book and the readings still wound up celebrating motherhood and we can certainly celebrate THAT!

Beth Sets Up

Beth Feldman

Beth’s reading was an insane account of her pregnancy within the few days preceding the birth of her first child. It reads more like Hunter S. Thompson than anything else and although out of my league, I was hooked. Following her were readings from Beth Blecherman of ( who reflected upon the needs for family time at odds with her online commitments exacerbated by a power outage wreaking havoc on both matters. Ciaran Blumenfeld ( read an amazing tale of potty training run amok with such vivid descriptions that I am inclined to hold my nose just writing about it. Then Jenna McCarthy ( almost gave Ciaran a run for her money with another well-humored tale of children and their bodily fluids. This, of course, involved travel and using available clothing to deal with the mess only to set Jenna up for a close run with an indecent exposure situation at Target. By now, I, possibly the only non-parent in the house was in stitches. Lenore Stoller, aka Role Bubbe and Beth’s mother, read and shared in a way that brought the wisdom to the table. Her tale of her son’s leaving the nest for college and somehow reappearing with laundry on weekends was a truly unique take on the mixed emotions that come with watching your children grow up and travel through the stages. Sue Levine Kupcinet shared valuable anecdotes about her numerous “light bulb moments” and how they each fared differently to bring her both some hard knocks as well as great successes. Beth closed the night with a fun song, yes a song!

Also enjoying this entertaining evening were Debbie Lavdas ( ) and Tree House partners Jeannine Chanin and Tricia Leight Ficher. I was very much entertained by the “venue” and the inner-child in me was screaming with envy as kids rode the slide and played in the tree-fort (all indoors).


Everyone needs a watch monkey…

The “Moms Who Blog” world is both massive and influential. It’s also rife with humor, wisdom and mind-boggling resourcefulness. There was not one person I met or saw that night who has not mastered the management of many things at once. See? I didn’t say “multi-tasking”. THAT is something women have been doing for, hmmm, ever? The new Mommy Blogger (ok, I said it) cosmos is grand and to be celebrated. I’m glad I stuck around. Please visit

Visit this link for the best collection of images. Most of my photos were inferior so I have only posted two: Beth and the resident orangutan. The group image used is from Ciaran’s Whrrl entry.

Bernard Yin

* Top photo courtesy of Beth via *

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