The Power of YouTube

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YouTube has become an increasingly important place for brands to have an effective presence. More and more budget is being allocated to social video for both its power to drive search traffic as well as increased engagement.

Having looked at many potential partners in the space, we’ve continually been working with the leaders in the space because we want safe and reputable partners, battle-tested with the world’s largest brands, entertainment studios and agencies.

Brands know they need to have a presence on the second largest search engine in the world, but not only is it unfamiliar territory, there are real risks and plenty of shady practices. Working with vendors that utilize bots and click farms can get you brand’s channel shut down. Finding a safe and reputable partner is key.

The process is straightforward and consistently successful. Because YouTube only counts a view after someone has watched at least 25% of the video, we are constantly optimizing the delivery of the ads/videos to interested, relevant and targeted audiences to maximize engagement and ROI.

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