A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Likes!

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How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement Though Simple Status Updates

Trying to figure out the best posts to gain the most reaction can feel challenging at times.  But don’t fret! The classic saying “a picture is worth 1000 words” also holds true on Facebook.

Of course, we’ve all seen blurry, confusing and groan-inducing pictures, so it’s obvious that not every picture has viral value. Here are few guidelines to help you post the best, most engaging pictures on Facebook:

Be Creative

Use an editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator to create original, thought-provoking images. Combining images, juxtaposing photos and text…there are lots of ways to go.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure your pictures are large, in focus and visually stimulating
  2. Sized and center pictures properly, with a nice border and overall design. Amateurish graphics are judged harshly!
  3. Don’t forget to add your company’s watermark. If the image goes viral, you will want your name and logo going with it.

Trigger Emotion

When you enlist emotion in fans, they will share your post. Make them laugh, get nostalgic, feel inspired. Combine images with words. Ask a question, offer a motivating quote, or make a witty comment.

Connect Personally

When you make people feel personally connected to your brand, they will become valuable advocates for you. Posting pictures of your staff and/or customers gives fans a peek backstage. Some suggestions:

  1. Take pictures of your staff in their work environment, at holiday events, tradeshows, announce their birthdays, etc.
  2. Post pictures of your customers. (Always get permission first.)
  3. Encourage your staff and customers to visit your brand’s Facebook page and tag themselves.  When they do, their Facebook friends will see it, become curious and visit your Page.

Get A Little Wacky

Pictures unrelated to a company’s main business, such as a crazy animal photos, are very effective–the  good ones are shared widely. Remember, Facebook is about being social. Yes, some are looking for to be informed but most simply just want to check out for a moment and be entertained.  So offer them a piece of delightful inspiration every once in a while or something that will make them bust out laughing… like Spangles, the Cross Eyed Cat and his crazy costumes!

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