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As always, bets are being thrown down, speculations are pontificated, and everyone tries to get their guess in on what the social media trends will be for the new year.  2012 was a rocky rollercoaster with world-wide woes and economic, political, and social struggles abound.  So what does this translate to in 2013?  Here are some predictions.

1. You won’t be able to pick which pants you’re going to wear without a little help from your friends…and strangers.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, Yelp…social media is full of ways to comment, interact, and rate content from your friends, community, and even businesses and individuals.

So, it stands to reason that the same formula would be refined down to the juicy part of rating and commenting.  You probably also know about Thumb, the interactive site that sends an endless stream of user-contributed questions and pics, allowing the community to vote “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on everything from what you ate for breakfast to cars and life philosophies.  Here’s one of my entries asking if my unicorn tumblers are cool or tacky:

Don’t worry, I’ll still be using my magnificent and highly classy cups regardless of how the vote turned out.

This kind of interaction has already been utilized for brands to connect with their intended audiences and ask their opinions on products and services as demonstrated by Wayin.  Look for similar services to pop up with more specialized versions in the new year that help companies get feedback using even more interactive techniques.


wayin medianeedle blog

2.You’ll be able to make smarter choices about everything…even friends!

Planning every detail of your trips with ease has already been give the personal touch with services like AirBNB which connects people who want to rent out their rooms to travelers looking for a deal.  Online dating services (like OkCupid) let you make profiles and meet potential love interests based on your profile compatibility.  Now you can mix the two and choose your airline seatmate by seeing how compatible they are with you based on their social network profiles.  SeatID provides the service where you can make an educated guess as to who you’re about to sit next to for the next few hours up in the sky.   You can possibly make a friend, a love connection, business acquaintance, or even just find a quiet person who won’t disturb you as you sleep in your seat.   Look out for more companies like this that are creating better ways to plan your social circles, even in the real, non-cyber world, for more efficient networking and friend-making.

Social Seating - SeatID medianeedle

3. Generosity will become more of a public, group activity.

We’re going to end on a high note because this category of social media is just one example of how online ingenuity can be used to bring people together in a positive way.  Most of us have already been directed to sites like KickstarterandIndiegogo  to contribute money to projects that vary from movies, apps and inventions, to business start-ups and even spiritual movements. Now, new app, CountMeIn, allows Facebook and Twitter users to find gifts out of their personal price range and invite friends and family to chip in money to help purchase the item.  This community driven mode of gift-giving is a great example of creative ways to get around lean economic times while still giving people the opportunity to be generous within the constraints of their own budgets.

CountMeIn medianeedle blog



Similarly, the good vibes continue with Chipin which allows you to raise money for whatever you like, deposited directly into your pay pal.   Here’s a heartwarming fundraiser for a poor dog’s surgery:

ChipIn- Milo's Tumor Removal Surgery & Biopsy

Want to give to charity and shop at the same time?  Look for more emerging companies like the new SocialGoodNetwork, which is a hipper and more community minded network of charities and retailers that allows you to shop and have a percentage of your purchase go to the charity of your choosing from the long list provided.  These charities vary from local to overseas and cover a wide range of altruistic activities.

Social Good Network media needle blog

Don’t be shy to weigh in on what you think will be the flow of the future!  And happy 2013!

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