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Crowdsource content for creative advertising through the same platform and community that has served Fortune 100 companies. Generate premium video and graphic design content for advertising campaigns. Marketers and agencies from the world’s top brands use our crowdsourcing platform to connect with an online creative community of over 300,000 members. The UGC creative community is made up of aspiring art students, weekend warriors and professional creatives.

The Problem:

Previously the options for good video content were either a creative agency / production company which can be very expensive and produce a small amount of video content (i.e.:1-2 videos) or user generated content which is often not high quality branded entertainment.

The Solution:

Crowdsourced creatives from around the world work to deliver quality branded content based on a brand brief. The client gets a lot of ideation, a cost effective solution and a lot of excellent content they can use how they want, when they want, in any medium they want.

How we do it

A turnkey solution for crowdsourced advertising that includes:

· Content Creation

· Awards Fulfillment

· Content Distribution

· Moderation & Curation

· Licensing & Copyright

· Campaign Promotions

We also manage:

LEGAL – Collect content ownership assignments and licenses from entrants for competition sponsors.

CONTENT – Provides a secure tool that makes it easy to download the original files for your contest’s videos or prints.

Let Media Needle Get your crowdsourced creative in gear.

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