• Social Media Auditing & Mapping – your social media universe (and your competitors) dissected, analyzed and structured for engagement.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning – matching goals with sustainable execution and creative across all platforms and technologies.
  • Audience Development & Segmentation – identifying the gathering spots for customers by layering specific interests and lifestyles.
  • Staff Training & Education – bringing your team current on how to create authentic, effective and transparent engagement with your audience.


  • Community Management – Social media is fertile ground for engagement. Our trained agents use a proven conversational approach.
  • Perception Management – We know who’s saying what about your company and your brands. And, we know how to influence the direction it takes.
  • Digital Marketing – Your information and ads managed, monitored and optimized with bloggers, newsletters, forums and sites 24/7.
  • Influencer Relations – Using simple access and privilege, we identify your most connected customers and put their influence to work for you.
  • Branded Content – we make websites, micro-sites, customized content, blogs, widgets, apps, ads, sweepstakes and then some.


  • Reporting and Analytics – We provide proven ways of quantifying and evaluating data collected and sentiment as often as you’d like.
  • Return On Engagement Evaluation – We do our best to scientifically measure the emotional intangibles of your audience and it’s value to you.
  • Re-Engagement Strategy – Using collected data and emerging trends, we modify, augment and improve ongoing strategy and execution.

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