These guidelines for social media conduct apply to our partners, independent contractors and other formally appointed team members. All public activities pertaining to blogs, forums, message boards, chat environments, wikis, social networks in general, virtual worlds, and micro-blogs such as twitter are subject to these guidelines.

Furthermore, non-public conduct such as email correspondences must be handled with professionalism, courtesy and tact. We seek to minimize any chances that anything be misconstrued and reflect negatively on Media Needle, our clients, partners, vendors or anyone for that matter.

Partners Guidelines [Bloggers, Influencers, Webmasters, Forum Moderators etc.]

Media Needle supports transparency. During any outreach and engagement, we encourage all compensated partners such as bloggers, sites and forums to disclose their relationship to Media Needle and clients.

In addition, once a partner is engaged, Media Needle does its best to monitor compensated sites to determine if they have made appropriate disclosures and advise them to do so if they have neglected their responsibility. Partners who fail to make appropriate disclosures should be reported to Media Needle management and the relationship may be terminated at our discretion. We instruct all representatives of Media Needle, either employee or independent contractor, to disclose, during outreach or while engaging directly on sites, that they are working on behalf of Media Needle and/or clients.

Team Engagement Guidelines


An honest representation of who we are as well as who and what we represent is part of our every communication. We follow best practices in Social Media Marketing,


Media Needle and its partners may only make statements that reflect their honest beliefs, opinions, or experiences. Under no circumstances will Media Needle representatives or its “partners” make misleading, deceptive, or unsubstantiated claims regarding products or services or our competitors. Regarding the dissemination of any content, we follow the ethics of Transparency nicely summarized at WOMMA. See:

When engaging

  • We are transparent and honest about who we are and who we represent
  • We review that compensated partners properly disclose material connections
  • We are accurate with our message and content
  • We are tactful and friendly
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