Media Needle specializes in developing, executing, and managing digital campaigns whether for a specific event, sales, branding, registrations, donations, downloads, installs, fundraising or a cause.

Launching a new product? Re-focusing an established brand? Entering a new market? In search of digital, social media marketing and online strategies to take your business to a new level? Our marketing communications offerings deliver clear and effective messaging. Through new and traditional methods, Media Needle finds, engages and activates bloggers, influencers, the media, customers, vendors, partners and any other targets. From the first brainstorming session until the brand awareness and sales number spike, Media Needle makes things happen for you.

Our digital expertise includes:

  • Research & discovery
  • Competitive & brand equity analysis
  • Strategic planning & goal-setting
  • Design of multi-channel digital initiatives
  • Branding & content creation
  • Campaign execution & project management
  • E-commerce & online sales
  • Conversion optimization & paid media placement
  • Lead generation, email marketing & affiliate programs
  • Crowdfunding & crowdsourcing
  • Analytics & analysis (optimize, refine, retarget)
  • Strategy simulation & agent based modeling
  • Influencer programs & social PR

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth marketing with the scale, ease and predictability of a digital ad buy. We drive brand awareness and audience engagement by focusing on authentic influencer endorsement, which enables brand messaging to be delivered with contextual & cultural relevancy as editorial on blogs and sites. Our comprehensive database of influencers, journalists and bloggers allows us to connect branded content to the right influential storytellers on a massive scale across many relevant niche topics simultaneously; providing the critical mass necessary to push the content to go viral among the targeted audience.

Content & Ad Development

In the digital world, branded content is king. Media Needle will tailor your message for maximum impact. We research, plan and test prior to execution. Our content creation capabilities include:

  • Blog posts & copywriting
  • Videos (short & long form)
  • Photos, illustrations & artwork
  • Infographics & marketing materials
  • Posts, tweets, pins, snaps & more
  • White papers
  • Sponsored stories
  • Contests & promotions
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