Crowdfunding Advocacy Programs

Fitness Evaluation AKA Should I crowdfund?

  • Thinking about crowdfunding? See if your product, social capital and your team would be a good fit!
  • This program is for those who are trying to see if crowdfunding would be a good option for them.
  • We are truly your advocate on how to best spend your time, money and focus.
  • We also have connections with many different crowdfunding platforms, tools, agencies and consultants. We’ve had experience with the good, the bad and the ugly and can guide you in the right direction or take you there ourselves.

Crowdfunding Preparedness AKA I’m crowdfunding, am I ready?

  • So you are definitely going to crowdfunding. Do you have what it takes for your crowdfunding campaign to be successful? Is this your first time crowdfunding and you aren’t sure if you’re fully prepared?
  • Wish you could find if you were on the right path before spending money on an expensive agency or learning on your own dime?
  • Is this your first time crowdfunding and you aren’t sure if you’re fully prepared?
  • This package can provide anything from full evaluations to strategic tune-ups. We have programs available for every type of crowdfunder

Power-Up AKA I am just about ready, I need a little help!

  • Ready to launch but want to see if there is a way to power-up and make your campaign even more successful? This package is for you!

Post-Mortem AKA I need some help for the second time around

  • Unsuccessful with a crowdfunding campaign and not sure what happened? Want to try again but want to make sure you learn from the past? This package is for you. We will audit, assess and evaluate to help set you up for success the second time around.

A La Carte

  • Have everything set, but have an area that you aren’t’ sure about or one that you want to power-up? We have experts with deep knowledge in every facet of crowdfunding and can provide guidance/strategy for the following areas of crowdfunding:
    • Communication/Messaging
    • Pre-marketing/Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing/Community Management
    • PR/Influencer Outreach
    • Campaign Page/Content
    • Project/Campaign Management
    • Crowdfunding Platforms/Tools
    • Legal/Regulatory/Compliance Questions

Agency Advocate Program

  • Already have a crowdfunding agency that you’re working with? We will act as your in-house liaison to ensure that you are getting the most for your money with the agency. We know what’s possible, where to push and where to celebrate wins

Custom Package

  • Not sure you want any of the above or want a combination of a few? Let us know what you are looking for and we can tailor a program just for you!
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