Youtube Marketing

Video Distribution

Helping agencies, global brands and content owners reach, build and engage their target audiences with online video.

  • Content targeting at the individual video level, giving advertisers full video-by video transparency for  in-stream campaigns.
  • Click-to-play video in display ad formats across all  screens, players, and inventory sources.

Video Production

Specializing in creating and promoting amazing content on YouTube and beyond. We access a global network of creators to manage the entire workflow for providing affordable, yet high quality, video production in any location. We also have a lot of experience with crowdsourcing creative if you want quantity and quality.

Youtube Channel Managment

Full service YouTube Channel Management, empowering leading brands and content owners to build an owned audience on YouTube.

Youtube Advertising

Our advertising platform drives cost effective consumer engagement for your brand. We will identify video’s and keyword searches most likely to lead to engaging video(s). All paid media will target site visitors (retargeting) and those that watch relevant YouTube content.

We will optimize the media spend for awareness and CTR by dynamically adjusting frequency and targeting based on the analysis of engagement metrics (time of day, OS, day of week, mobile vs. desktop, etc.).

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