We represent some of the industry’s leading platforms, battle-tested with the world’s largest and most respected global brands and agencies. Because we utilize such a wide range of tools, our campaign management services integrate well with most systems and can serve a range of strategic imperatives. Our own experience and that of our partners provides cutting-edge solutions for predictive analytics using agent based modeling, YouTube videos, Facebook social media marketing, Location-based marketing, crowdsourced content creation, local search marketing and more.

Our technology platform partners are industry-agnostic and combine innovative performance, paid and earned media solutions to increase a brand’s exposure, better engage customers and ultimately drive sales.

  • Predictive Analytics/Strategy Simulations

    Our well-tested, intuitive software platform, integrates disparate data, simulates the entire marketing environment, explains marketing effectiveness to a granular level, calculates Return On Investment and provides real-time “what if” forecasting. Factors that are difficult to quantify, such as word-of-mouth, creative, brand equity and competitive behavior, are easily incorporated. > More about Predictive Analytics

  • YouTube Video Syndication

    We create authentic relationships between consumers and advertisers through the power of online video.  So many brands spend time and money to make amazing videos that don’t get seen, and our viral marketing platform distributes and socializes video driving the maximum amount of targeted views, shares, and conversations for YouTube.  Once the video is seeded, our unique platform optimizes for social activity in real-time and we’re able to identify and measure placements that are resonating with your target audience.  Services include targeted video placement across premium publishers, channel optimization, guaranteed YouTube views and shares, subscriber growth and trending videos. > More about YouTube Video Syndication

  • Social Commerce

    A social commerce technology that allows you to sell merchandise plus offer coupon-based incentives to your fans through Facebook. It helps brands monetize their Facebook fans. Gifting lets fans make a purchase without ever leaving a fan page to avoid the huge bounce rate from taking people out of Facebook. Coupons can be redeemed online or can be used offline at stores, events, etc. It’s a flexible and secure system also available with custom solutions. > More about Social Commerce

  • Crowdsourced Creative

    The world’s leading platform for crowdsourced advertising and online video contests connects marketers and agencies with a talented community of 300,000+ “creatives”: video makers, graphic designers and creative thinkers. Providing full management for UGC (user generated video) and other creative contests, we have worked with the world’s leading brands and agencies and delivered more than 250 campaigns. > More about Crowdsourced Creative

  • Location-Based Marketing

    We help businesses connect with customers through the first integrated location-based marketing platform, bridging the technology fragmentation divide and making Social + Local + Mobile marketing a scalable reality. Our offering includes global analytics, campaign management and a social CRM service for companies with 50+ locations to manage. This platform allows companies to monitor, measure and optimize location-based campaign performance via Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, together with their own branded applications, across hundreds or thousands of locations.

We specialize in all of the above solutions. What are your needs? Contact us to explore your digital branding options. Contact us.

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