Social commerce via Facebook 

Lets fans make a purchase without ever leaving a fan page to avoid the huge bounce rate from taking people out of Facebook for a transaction.

What It Does

1.  Drive customer purchases directly from your brand’s Facebook fan page
2.  Identify & track your brand’s BEST customers to enable reward / loyalty / advocacy re-marketing campaigns
3.  Convert “in-store” /  “on property” customer traffic to brand fans
4.  Bridge critical behavioral data gap that exists between social engagement behavior, online & in-store purchase behavior and actual offer redemption

How It Works

social coupons

Social Commerce Platform

social commerce


Key Value Propositions

  • Activate existing Facebook fan base to drive purchases & social offer sharing
  • Drive trial on new product releases
  • Re-engage dormant customers
  • Accelerate fan base growth
  • Activate retail distribution/marketing
  • Encourage “omni channel” behavior
  • Gather data to identify best customers & extract long-term value

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