Drive Sales and Increase Customer Loyalty with Social Rewards:

Powerful Social Marketing Platform • Quantifiable Sales Gains • Brand Loyalty & Retention • Affiliate & Advocate Tracking • Lead Generation • Content Publishing • Advanced Game Mechanics • Comprehensive Analytics • Self-Serve or Managed Service

WHAT IS THE Social Media Loyalty Programs PLATFORM:

  • A powerful Marketing Platform capable of running inside of Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and any blog.  It’s primary purpose is to spread your brand message rapidly by developing and incentivizing your best customers – your Brand Ambassadors – to rapidly spread your content and offers over their network of friends. The out of the box solution can be up and running in as little as four weeks. It’s fully compatible with tablets, mobile and works in any language.
  • Template driven program with gaming mechanics and loyalty/rewards currency built in. Easy to execute – either you can run it or our professional services team can build it and/or maintain it for you.
  • Able to run stand alone simple promotions as well as advanced social/loyalty rewards.  Can integrate into existing loyalty or point-based programs.  Yes, even airlines run our programs! Including redemption and shopping cart.


  • Gives the typical fan page a quantifiable boost.  Not limited by fan page restrictions, giving brands freedom to innovate, engage and capitalize upon viral promotion potential of Facebook and other social media.
  • Able to fully leverage the peer-to-peer nature of social promotion, taking advantage of the word-mouth impact of social networks.
  • Equipped with full analytics, measuring every impression, hit, visit, page view, click path, lead and sale.  We combine this with Facebook personal data giving marketers unprecedented insight for segmenting and micro segmenting.


Our formula for social media alchemy combines into one platform the strengths of the most effective online and promotional marketing techniques across owned, earned and bought media.  Managing customer acquisition, loyalty and Friend-to-Friend promotion within one platform develops your brand’s relationships, generates unprecedented viral reach and gives your audience every reason to buy, or ‘buy into’ the brand while enjoying the rewards of remaining engaged.

Fans who use our platform will be proud to become your Brand Ambassadors, gain access to the inside scoop on your products and services, and compete head-to-head with other Ambassadors while they share your latest news and special offers to their friends. We’ve learned that your core fans will become a powerful recruiting army if you give them the right incentive and the right toolkit.

Find out why leading global brands, ad agencies, direct marketers and publishers have made this turnkey marketing platform their own to increase their market reach to millions of potential new customers.

If you’re already a believer in the power of social media, why not let us show you how to turn your marketing dollars into guaranteed ROI? Contact us today to learn how to drive massive, relevant traffic and engagement at a fraction of the cost of traditional PR, marketing and advertising.

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