To maximize your brand’s relevance and “move the needle” in a diverse and fragmented marketplace you need a comprehensive strategy implemented by a savvy and knowledgeable team. You need Media Needle.

Media Needle provides strategic marketing and management solutions to a wide range of clients including start ups, entertainment, corporate brands, real estate and advertising agencies. We assist in crowdfunding, sales, business development, research, planning, branding and marketing efforts with our proven approach.

We know how to build awareness, excitement and loyalty for a product, person, service or cause. How? By developing a customized and comprehensive strategy based on quantifiable goals. By spreading the word via social media, influencer outreach, community-building, mobile, e-commerce and the full spectrum of digital services. With everything we do, we keep return on engagement at top of mind.

Media Needle campaigns are renowned for their success in making connections across the entire digital landscape. We target current and potential customers and the influencers they respect. We track and analyze real-time feedback so we can adapt to changing conditions.

Media Needle makes the connections
you need to solve your
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Media Needle represents some of the industry’s leading platforms, battle-tested with the world’s most respected global brands and agencies. We draw upon our own experience and that of our partners to provides solutions for YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Our technology platform partners are industry- agnostic and combine innovative solutions to increase a brand’s exposure, better engage customers and ultimately drive sales.


In the digital world, content is king. Media Needle has a stable of analysts, artists, copywriters, designers, developers, videographers and social media specialists ready to tailor your message for maximum impact. We know how to tell a story from the perspective of what the consumer wants to see while integrating branding in a more organic way, which encourages sharing. We keep it fresh, frequent and engaging!

Social Media Marketing

Media Needle designs and executes social media strategies across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and other social networks. We oversee app development, content and video creation, community management, influencer outreach and engagement. We develop and implement best practices as well as manage search and social efforts. We grow your social presence three basic ways: Paid, Earned and Owned.

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