Media Needle makes the connections you need
to solve your marketing problems.

To maximize your brand’s relevance and “move the needle” in a diverse and fragmented marketplace you need a comprehensive digital strategy implemented by a savvy and knowledgeable team. You need Media Needle.

Media Needle provides strategic marketing, consulting, and management solutions to a wide range of clients including entertainment, corporate brands and advertising agencies. We assist in sales, business development and marketing efforts through a vertically integrated technology approach, including:

We know how to build awareness, audience and loyalty for a product, person, service or cause. How? By developing a customized and comprehensive strategy based on predictive analytics and quantifiable goals. By spreading the word via social media marketing, grassroots promotion, community-building, influencer outreach, video seeding, mobile and e-commerce…the full spectrum of digital services. With everything we do, we keep Return on Investment/Return on Engagement at top of mind.

Are you ready for us to help move your brand’s needle? Contact Media Needle, your new online marketing partner, for a new comprehensive digital strategy.