Facebook Advertising

A technology based behavioral marketing solution that through its Facebook Ads API partnership builds a marketplace of the most engaged customers, targeting those most likely to act and gain valuable, actionable insights about that audience. We can engage your perfect audience, digitally deliver your programs and monetize your customer.


  1. Client objectives are met through our platform by accelerated optimizing of placements, targets, creative and ads in the shortest period of time to discover the most amenable audience for your services, whether they be new customers, loyalty marketing or targeting your competition.
    • We test creative, target audiences and messaging  in this initial phase
  2. Client campaigns benefit greatly from discovery of new core audiences and messaging, our platform continually expands that core audience (locally, regionally, nationally or globally)
  3. The efficiency of our fast-targeted advertising focuses only on the audiences most likely to engage with your services.
  4. Client can benefit from the use our platform as a global market research to test brand messaging, copy concepts, and promotions by tapping into the entire Facebook community as a living focus group.
  5. We optimize campaigns in days, not weeks making your media work faster for you.

How We Do It

Our social media management platform, built on the Facebook Ads API, uses advanced behavior and interest targeting, ad creation, serving and optimizing technology to ensure ad campaigns reach the right customers efficiently. Our system then dynamically optimizes creative, targets and messaging simultaneously to garner more engagement and more conversions.

Features Of the Program

Behavioral & Interest Targeting + Discovery

Social platforms today provide psychographic variables like attitudes; personality formation and cultural touchstones which, in addition to classic demographic information, we believe are crucial to better defining and most cost efficiently locating a potential customer. The proprietary solution we use focuses on audience actions, which are essential to providing the most precise and relevant audience targeting. Through global data mining, our platform locates and interacts with people engaging on a brand or a topic, efficiently leading them to the client.

Ad Management & Optimization

Our solution aggregates multiple social metrics (shares, video views, discussions, actions etc.) to measure your audience’s engagement with your brand’s presence. With this data, our technology continuously refines your ads – including their content and target audience – to reach the optimal audience and maximize engagement at the lowest cost.

Multivariate Creative & Message Testing

We constantly make the advertising content and offers more relevant to your customers by designing and executing tests, creating audience segments, and targeting content across hundreds of creative iterations and audience targets simultaneously. Our optimization engine is the key to yielding greater conversion.

Custom Campaign Management Algorithms

Use sophisticated algorithms to relate audience attributes to campaign engagement through large audience correlations and psychographic data. This function determines the likelihood of any individual engaging and responding to the advertising campaign based on their unique behavioral attributes as reflected in their interest, likes, actions and previous connections.

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