A New Way for Marketers to Plan Ahead: Agent Based Modeling

If you could measure the impact of a marketing campaign BEFORE you launched it, would you?

Of course you would…and now you can!  It’s time to take your strategy planning and analytics to the next level and vastly improve ROI.  This is a disruptive technology that provides forward-looking insight to marketing professionals and organizations, previously unavailable.

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There are more touch points interacting with each other and affecting your customers than ever before!  Our software complements existing data solutions and allows you to:

  • Aggregate disparate data from all of your marketing strategies and tactics, and
  • Simulate their impact across your entire market
  • Factors in dimensions such as brand equity and social media

Recreating how simulated strategies and consumers behave in a virtual market environment is unprecedented and is the core of this platform.  Through ‘what-if’ scenario planning, you can now attribute the impact of all brand touch points with a very high level of accuracy and better understand how your customers make decisions, before spending marketing dollars.

  • Build better and stronger business cases for your investments
  • Be more responsive to changes in the marketing environment, and
  • Provide all stakeholders peace of mind before marketing campaigns and spending take place.

The software will allow you to harness the most advanced technology in marketing analytics and will enhance your ability to direct marketing spend with less margin for error.

We can now confidently say that this is no longer the case: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker

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